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Now I know you're not looking at me taking a bath!

I'm 3 tons and 13ft in height....I'm purple.<<---Actually scratch that! I've lost quite a bit of weight(Since I first put this in), so now I'm a thinner hippo like the pic above.
My real name is monica, and my alias/pen name is Hippo. I've used other aliases like "MoKa"(that was what my little sister used to call me). So Far I'm likin' that new alias (hippo), and I might just keep it.
I've been drawing since i could hold a crayon. Which, I think, was around 8 months old.
I need a job. I want to be a pro illustrator/animator/comic artist/concept designer/drawer person so bad. SO BAD. Some one hire me, please!!! I can wash dishes and kiss butt wheee.
Well... I would have a resume, but I haven't done anything noteable, yet. I just got out of highschool, and this is my first year in college. BAH! I suck at drawing - BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT... and very pathetically addicted to it.

My influences:(Not in any particular order-but I tried)
There are many many more that I forgot to list - but these are the major ones that come to mind.

*=they are not influences, but I think they are really really cool.